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Restaurant Delivery Service ReviewYour family is hungry and you do not feel like cooking or leaving your house. What do you do? You simply call your favorite restaurant’s delivery service in Costa Rica, place your order and wait about 30 minutes for the food to arrive at your home.

In theory, this is a great service but sometimes it is not a very good experience. There is nothing more unpleasant than waiting for 30 minutes for your food to arrive and when it does, finding out that they delivered the wrong order. 

This is why I decided to make a review of delivery service of three fast food restaurants in Costa Rica.

We did a small test to see how different delivery services in Costa Rica did in terms of getting the order right, the time it took for the delivery and the customer service on the phone and by the delivery person of three of our favorite restaurants and here are the results.

Review of Dominos Pizza Express Service in Guadalupe

Domino's Pizza Express Costa RicaThis is for the Domino's Restaurant located at: 200m Este de la interseccion Guadalupe-circunvalacion. 

Domino's Pizza Servicio Express Telephone: 2258-9988

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The Order: A large supreme pizza with breadsticks and a 2 liter of Orange Fanta on a Saturday night at 6:30pm. This was a relatively easy order .

Phone Customer Service: The people at Domino’s Pizza were very nice and professional suggesting several promotions.

Delivery Time: The pizza arrived in 32 Minutes

Delivery Service: The delivery person was very nice and professional.

Overall Impression: Even though the pizza order was a bit late, the order was correct and in general the service was good as the pizza came hot and delicious.

Review of Pizza Hut Express Service in Moravia, Costa Rica

Pizza Hut Express Moravia, Costa Rica ReviewThis is for the Pizza Hut Restaurant located at: 300 metros sur del Colegio Lincoln, urb. Los Colegios.  Moravia

Pizza Hut Servicio Express Telephone: 2290-9595

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We enjoy ordering from Pizza Hut Express as we are able to order online as well and can easily choose the way our pizza is made via their online service but our last few tries have been very disappointing. First Try

The Order: 2 medium pizza supreme pizzas, 2 deserts, a 2 liter of Orange Fanta, and an order of garlic bread.

Phone Customer Service: My wife ended up spending 20 minutes on the phone with the operator trying to get us a good deal where she originally wanted to get a large supreme pizza, a 2 liter of Orange Fanta and an order of garlic bread. The phone operator offered my wife a promotional deal where she received instead 2 medium supreme pizzas, 2 deserts, a 2 liter of Orange Fanta, and an order of garlic bread for the same price as the original order.

Delivery Time: 28 minutes

Delivery Service: The delivery person was very nice and helpful and after we discovered that instead of getting 2 medium pizzas we only got 1 medium pizza. The problem this time was not in the order itself but with the phone operator as she did not take the correct order according to the receipt.

He told us to call the customer service number so he could just go back and pick up the missing pizza. We did just that and the problem was that we had no proof the order was wrong unless they recorded the conversation and thus they would have to pull the recording of our order. After a 20 minute phone conversation and speaking with three different people, they finally sent us the missing pizza which arrived 35 minutes later.

Overall Impression: This was a very disappointing experience

Second Try...

We probably did not learn from our first try so a week later, we decided to try again to see if perhaps our last experience with Pizza Hut Express was a fluke.

The Order: My wife and I were in the mood for different pizza toppings and decided to order a large pizza with one half of the pizza with supreme topping and the other half of the pizza being ham, mushroom and bacon. Along with that we got an order of garlic bread and a 2 liter of Coca-Cola.

Phone Customer Service: Online Order

Delivery Time: 45 Minutes and the delivery person had to call twice to find our home.

Delivery Service: The delivery service was awful and the delivery person was nice but unfortunately, the order was wrong because the pizza was not our order but instead was half supreme and half Hawaiian.

Overall Impression: Will not order from there again unless we are desperate and if we do, we will keep the order simple as it seems like the Pizza Hut staff is not able to handle an order that is not on the regular menu.

Review of McDonalds Express in Guadalupe

McDonald's en Guadalupe Costa RicaThis is for the McDonald's restaurant located at: in front of the Nova Centro Shopping Mall in Guadalupe Costa Rica. 

McDonald's Servicio Express Telephone: 2286-0101

Click Here for More information about McDonal's en Guadalupe

The Order: 1 BigMac Combo with Coca-Cola, 1 Chicken sandwich with Bacon combo with Orange Fanta and 1 cheeseburger happy meal with an ice tea.

Phone Customer Service: The phone operator was very professional but she lacked the human touch when taking our order. We just did not feel welcome.

Delivery Time: 25 minutes

Delivery Service: The delivery man was a joy as he was friendly and courteous and had a great sense of humor.

Overall Impression: Very good service.

About the author:  Marty Bronson is an American expat living in Costa Rica and loving it.  He is business entrepreneur in Costa Rica who loves to eat at restaurants.  He is happily married with two teenagers.  He currently works for a sports betting software company based out of Costa Rica and the Philippines.  He can be contacted at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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