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CHristmas shopping in Costa Rica part 2

Christmas is now just a few weeks away and the black Friday sales are over. In our last article about christmas shopping tips in Costa Rica, we learned about Black Friday sales being mostly hype and now we will go into more ways to save on Christmas shopping without going over your budget.

Before we go into some more useful shopping tips just remember that you should always ask for a receipt, always have an established budget and report any misleading practices.

Tips to Save Money when Christmas Shopping in Costa Rica Part 1Christmas is just over a month away and already the holiday decorations and sales are visible in stores all over Costa Rica. Black Friday has recently become popular in Costa Rica and every store is starting to advertise their Christmas decorations.

However, keep in mind that the Black Friday sales are mostly just a hype in Costa Rica where stores are just saying they are having a sale while in reality it is not much of a bargain if one at all.