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2016 best hamburgers costa ricaSometimes, you just have a craving for a good juicy hamburger and buying a hamburger at a fast food restaurant in Costa Rica is not enough to satisfy that hamburger hunger. This is why our staff decided to roam the streets of Costa Rica in search of the best hamburger in Costa Rica.

We stayed away from all chain restaurants and visited 36 restaurants that sell hamburgers in Costa Rica that were recommended by our readers. The judging for the top hamburgers in Costa Rica was based on taste, appearance, restaurant ambience, service and price.

So without further ado here are the best hamburger joints in Costa Rica.

Top 5 Hamburger Restaurants in Costa Rica

#5. RGB Bar & Grill

2016 best hamburgers costa rica rbg bar grillAddress: Hotel Park Inn, Ave 6, Street 28

San Jose, Costa Rica

Telephone: 506 2257


RBG Bar & Grill in Costa Rica is not just a hotel bar and grill restaurant, it’s a place where you want to hang out with your friends to enjoy a great hamburger in an easy going atmosphere.

For those who are into drinking beer, they also offer amazing herbal lemonade that is out of this world.

If you are traveling in Costa Rica in a group and not everyone in your party wants to enjoy a delicious hamburger, no problem as RGB Bar & Grill offers various dishes from Central America like Caribbean rice and beans, comida tipica, and even dishes from around the world that include Greek and Italian.

#4. Vurgers Costa Rica

2016 best hamburgers costa rica vurgersAddress: Bv. Ernesto Rohrmoser, San José, Costa Rica

San Jose, Costa Rica

Telephone: 506 4070 0444


Vurgers is not your typical hamburger restaurant in Costa Rica and they were some doubts as to whether it should even make the top 5 hamburger list because it is a vegetarian restaurant in Costa Rica.

The arguments against it were that a great hamburger should be made with 100% beef but after taking our first bite into their vegan burger, we changed our mind fast!

The service is very friendly and if you are not in the mood for a vegetarianhamburger, they also have great vegetarian pizzass, ice cream and more

Get more information on Vurger Costa Rica

#3. Porky’s Burger Bar

2016 best hamburgers costa rica porkys burger barAddress: 500m Norte de la Iglesia Catolica de Pozos

San Jose, Costa Rica

Telephone: 506 2282 5057


Porky's Burger Bar in Costa Rica offers a unique hamburger experience in Costa Rica at an affordable price. With over 50 different types of beer on the menu and doens of big screen TVs, this place is ideal as hangout to watch the big game in a friendly atmosphere.

Boasting live music on select nights and some amazing burgers, pulled pokr and more, this is definitively one of my favorite restaurant where I can enjoy a delicious hamburger and some pulled pork.

They literally have some many types of hamburgers that the menu has 4 pages just dedicated to hamburgers. My favorite is probably the “Juicy Lucy” hamburger and the name says it all. Every time I took a bite out of that burger and the juices flowed down my hands and arms, I felt like a kid again.

#2. MAD Burger and Beer

2016 best hamburgers costa rica - mad burgers

Address: 400 mts oeste de Swiss Travel, Plaza Del Rio Local #5

Santa Ana, Costa Rica

Telephone: 506 4700 1888


When I first stepped into the restaurant, I knew this place was going to be great. This restaurant has the typical ambiance you would expect from a 5 star hamburger joint.

You can’t go wrong with any burgers available on the menu but after having several of their hamburgers since they opened, I have a favorite.

The Signature Burger is probably my favorite item on the menu. It is a delicious hamburger made of a handmade hamburger patty topped with blue cheese, onions, blueberry BBQ sauce and spinach. What can one say about perfection except that the burger gives you the perfect hamburger patty to bun ratio at a delicious price.

They also offer several other hamburgers available at MAD Burger and Beer in Santa Ana, Costa Rica such as the Texan burgers and other types of sandwiches like their Caribbean chicken sandwich

#1. Tapüy Burger Crafters

2016 best hamburgers costa rica - Tapüy Burger Crafters

Address: 150m Sur de Canal 7 (Teletica) a la par de La Gauchada

Sabana Oeste, Costa Rica

Telephone: 506 4030 4478


I have several friends who work at online sportsbooks in the Sabana area and every time I visit them for lunch, we end up going to Tapüy Burger Crafters in Costa Rica.

The reason why I keep going there is because they have the best burgers in town with their Artisanal burgers that offers an incredible mix of unique ingredients cooked on the grill.

One of my favorite hamburgers at Tapüy’s restaurant in Costa Rica is their Champion Burger which is a juicy grilled beef patty topped with mushroom, melted cheese bacon and the usual vegetables.

Even though the restaurant does not give you the usual road house hamburger place feel, it is a nice, clean and modern looking restaurant with a friendly staff.

This is an affordable restaurant with prices ranging from $7 to $10. More information about Tapüy Burger Crafters in Costa Rica

Got a favorite hamburger restaurant in Costa Rica? Leave a comment below and let us know!

 Richard Able is one of our frequent guest author who has been living in Costa Rica for over 10 years with his wife Lucy. Richard has written many articles about Living in Costa Rica, Costa Rica real estate and his world travels. He can be contacted at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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