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los angeles ramsMany NFL fans haven’t noticed a shift in the league. Although the NFL is still a pass-first league, teams who are consistently winnings are running the ball well. Thus, LA Rams evolve into NFL playoff nightmare.

In its 24-3 win against the New England Patriots, it showed how the Rams evolved. It began with its head coach, Sean McVay. Two years ago, NFL teams tried to follow the Rams’ success. McVay opened the doors for promising offensive players who are competent.

Los Angeles Rams went up against the Patriots in Super Bowl LIII. However, the latter was the more physical team and won the title that year. Despite the hype on the Rams’ offense, its success came from running the inside zone run.

Rams Evolve into NFL Playoff Nightmare

According to a bookie software report, the Rams’ offense wasn’t about Jared Goff. The 2016 top draft pick is the facilitator for McVay’s efficient football. The quarterback has a 68.4 percent completion rate and 3,372 passing yards, making him one of the top QBs in the league.

However, Goff has a total of 36 turnovers. According to bookie tutorials and news sources, McVay wants his quarterback to better care for the ball. Also, Goff usually makes small mistakes that can cost the game for the team.

According to a sports news site, Goff can be very deadly when he is in-rhythm. He had 351 passing yards when the team played against the Cardinals last week. However, nine of Goff’s turnovers came during the team’s four defeats.

The Rams is a run-first team that relies on play-action passing. That makes them an NFL playoff nightmare. There are only a couple of teams that can run the ball as effectively as the Rams.

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