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drftThe NBA Draft is less than two weeks away, and everyone, including the best pay per head sportsbook, is getting a lot of action already. With so many betting options available, and with lines moving daily, it is truly a very exciting event to bet on. At this point, teams are already in the final stages of deliberating and fixing their plans. Of course, there are a lot of factors to consider.

For one, when we see sports news sports news specific to the NBA, we see talks about whether teams would give up their slots for trades. We hear rumors of reshuffling, of roster rotations, and more news that will surely make gambling software providers generate more action to the days leading up to the draft. Which means it will be very busy for bookies in the next couple of weeks.


NBA Draft

So far, LaMelo Ball is one of the top contenders in the draft, and could be one of the first picks in the league. However, Ball’s pre-draft performance may lower his chances, especially for teams that really do not need a point guard as much as other teams do. But keep in mind that anything can happen, and that could also mean that people may undervalue a Ball bet.

You also have the Celtics, who have good draft slots this year, who could potentially give it all up for a trade. Meanwhile, the Atlanta Hawks will be aggressive in using their pick, particularly their first-round pick.

One wild card we are seeing are the Golden State Warriors, who, due to an unlucky year riddled with player injuries, are No. 2 overall pick this year. Rumors on the team are hazy, as many names are thrown into the mix. But its more likely that the Warriors will not go for the hyped Ball or even James Wiseman.



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