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celticsThe Boston Celtics brought their A game against the Golden State Warriors in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Becoming a bookie has never been so rewarding, seeing so much wagering on the NBA. On one side, we have the Golden State Warriors, a team very familiar with playing in the Championships. On the other hand, we have the Boston Celtics, one of the most successful teams in the NBA, ready to win another Championship.

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Celtics Versus Warriors

This is the first NBA Finals Game held at the Chase Center, the Warriors’ new home court. It would have been amazing to see the Warriors win at home. Instead, they were beat by the Celtics at their own game, with a strategy that the Warriors have been using for quite some time. Of course, the Warriors put up a strong start, with Stephen Curry bringing in 21 points early on in the game. By the halftime, the Warriors were down by two. But by the third quarter, they turned things around and enjoyed a 15 point lead.

Just when we though the Warriors had the game, the Celtics fought back, outscoring the Warriors by 40-16 in the final quarter. They made seven straight 3 pointers, performed well against the strong defense of the Warriors. A strategy familiar to the Warriors, as they do this quite often. Apparently, it was challenging for them to beat this. The tight match between the two teams only cements the face that for the NBA finals, we have a very tough competition, and betting on either of teams will be extra exciting and challenging. If you want to get more ideas on betting, here are some services reviews you can read while waiting for Game 2.


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