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Casino Club ColonialOct. 3, 2011 - If you are looking for a gambling experience in San Jose, Costa Rica the Casino Club Colonial might be the place for you.

This established Casino and hotel is one of the more known casino in Costa Rica that offers a sportsbook, lots of table games and all of the slot machines you can want.

I first discovered Casino Club Colonial on my first trip to Costa Rica where a friend suggested we go there to watch the NFL Monday Night Football.

As I had done some online sports betting on that game the previous night at a new sportsbook that had been referred to me from this sportsbok watchdog I had found online, I did want to see how my bet was going.  As a sports handicapper, it's my job as well to know these things!

This casino is located in Downtown San Jose on Avenida 1 between 9th and 11th street and features over 125 slot machines and all of the table games anyone could wish for.

If you need a break from gambling no problem as you can a break in their sports bar which features all of your favorite sports channels or you can also visit the Magnolia restaurant which seats 70 people.

The service at this casino is definitively top notch with the cute waitresses and friendly dealers. So friendly in fact, that when I decided to kill a couple of hours at the slot machine, I had two different waitresses asking me if I needed anything.

Now that is something you don’t see every day in any casino of the world as most of the time, waitresses focus on the people at table games.

Only two things did annoy me at my stay at the Colonial though. The first is that when I went to cash in $300 worth of chips, I had to wait a bit as they cashier acted like I had won $50,000 and she had to get the permission from one of the pit boss first. This seemed a bit ridiculous considering that I had by no means broken the bank.

The second is that I am a smoker and smoking comes along with gambling. In most casinos in the US, if you want cigarettes, they give you a pack of cigarettes and it is comp like the drinks. Not at this casino. I mean, if they were giving me one of these electronic cigarette, I would understand them charging me for it but come on, if I’m going to be spending a few thousand dollars at a casino, it’s the least they can do for me.

Of my overall experience at the Casino Club Royal, I have to say that the casino was good and the part I enjoyed the most was their sports lounge located on the second floor. Service was impeccable and watching the game on a big screen, with plenty of great snacks and lovely waitresses was great.

Frank Donavan is a freelance sports handicapping writer with over twenty years of experience in the online sportsbook and football handicapping services industry. Frank has written numerous sports handicapping articles for a variety of sports gambling related websites. You can contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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