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Bachelor party in Costa Rica at Scarlett's Night ClubI first took notice of Scarlett’s night club on Costa Rica Ahorro as I was looking for a restaurant coupon in Costa Rica when I saw an ad about the grand re-opening of this strip club.

Even though I did not go to the re-opening party, I did inquire them about hosting a bachelor party in Costa Rica for one of my friend.

I sent an email to Scarlett’s and 2 hours later, I received a phone call from Gerard who is the general manager of the club.

Gerardo was very friendly and helpful as he was able to suggest many things to make the bachelor party a success as well as help us with hotel reservation and transportation in and out of Costa Rica. On the night of the party, the club and the strippers looked great!

We had reserved the VIP room which came complete with 2 waitresses, a bartender, 3 girls and our own dancing area. Bachelor party in Costa Rica

We were 26 in total and everyone at the bachelor party had a blast. Everyone that worked at Scarlett’s Night Club was very friendly and trying to please us. The service was impeccable and even though the majority of us did not speak any Spanish, it made no difference and we all had fun despite the language barrier.

The food for the party was decent which included the usual appetizers and some local dishes like “chicharons”, guacamole and chips and various other tico food.

The best part of the food I must say was this fantastic cake made especially for our groom which looked like it came from a high end bakery. Needless to say, it was quite tasty and fitting for the occasion.

In terms of prices, we felt we had gotten a bargain for our money as we had rented the VIP room for 4 hours with an open bar, shots all around, food, cake and pretty much had the works and I can say that the price was about 75% then if we had held the bachelor party in Dallas.

The price being so low meant that we spent just a few hundred dollars more in having the bachelor in Costa Rica but it was really worth it as how many people in the US can say they had their bachelor party in a tropical paradise.

If anyone is looking for a place to have a bachelor party, I strongly recommend Scarlett’s Night Club and Cabaret.

Roger E. is an American world traveler who often visits Costa Rica and works part-time as a Costa Rica real estate broker.  Roger has visited over 67 countries and is currently working on number 68.


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