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9dollarrevewYou may encounter, a pay per head software, when looking for a software service for you to use to put up your own sportsbook. is a popular pay per head provider, meaning that they offer their software services for a specific fee, per player, each week. If you are curious about this provider, check out our latest review as we take a closer look at 9 Dollar Per Head.

First, we want to talk about the name of the site. The brand says 9DollarPerHead because their services are for 9 dollars per active player each week. While it may seem a bit high compared to other providers that offer services for as low as a dollar, their rates mean that they offer a lot of features in their software.


Signing Up with

The registration process of their site is very plain and simple. This is good, because it means that it will be easier for you to use their service. You will be asked to create an account, of course, so that your information will be secure. Once you do, you go straight to the sportsbook software. This was surprising for us since usually you need to pay or save your payment details prior to using the software. In their case, the free trial covers your first two weeks.

And this is really good news for us, because it gives us the chance to thoroughly check their software without having to spend a lot. The confidence that these companies have is amazing, especially since the free trial is actually a full free trial where you have access to everything you normally would instantly.

The process is fairly easy too, as the menu is made well, and the information I need is classified properly in the menu. Navigating the site is also pretty easy, so even new bookies can use this software without difficulty. Pay Per Head Review

As far as sportsbook pay per head providers go, their services are top-quality. Since we have seen a lot of sportsbook software already, we can easily identify what we need in a sportsbook software. 9 Dollar Per Head is worth every dollar as it really is complete, down to casino games, and horse racing too.

The site is secure, the software is stable. We have tried using their software with WiFi and normal phone data and there is no lag time. And since this Bookie PPH provider has been operating for years, you will not be worried about them being a fly by night company.

What we really appreciate, is the care that they have in designing and creating the site. The menu is clear and concise, you can easily find what you need. It speaks of a well-thought of UI and the goal of a smooth experience using their site. So not only is it affordable for you to own an online sportsbook, but you also get closer to success easily, and without a lot of manual work.


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