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epph sc 300x301I was browsing through sportsbook pay per head providers and I happened upon Easy Pay Per Head. Their site looks fresh and new, so I thought that I could check them out and see if they are truly as easy to use as they say they are. So here I am doing a service review of this up and coming pay per head sportsbook software provider.  Before signing up, I wanted to make sure that their features were complete for a sports betting software provider. From what I saw in their site, they actually do have the whole lineup of gambling options that people need.


Their main product offering is sports betting software for bookies. A lot of pay per head companies tend to focus on sports betting. But Easy Pay Per Head is actually offering quite a lot more. So, aside from the sportsbook software, you also have horse racing, and an online casino (with live dealers, too). As a bookie, you can offer odds on the hottest sports betting games. You players can also try out casino games or check out some lines on the racebook.  

This piqued my interest enough that I signed up- lucky me, they have a two-week free trial. I just gave them my email address, and got an account set up. It was refreshing to see how fast and easy it was. But let's take a closer look at the software itself. The first thing I noticed is the simplicity of the site. The information you need is displayed neatly, and I was able to find my way through easily. The first thing I did was create some player profiles. Easy Pay Per Head says they are easy to do, so I tried it. I actually did not need to call anyone or email anyone- I could, right then and there, make as many player profiles as I needed. I could also adjust their limits any time. 

 As a newer payperhead site, the seamlessness and ease of use is well-factored in.They have a good line management system in place as well, so it was very easy to check and adjust as needed. I could also see player activity - this is aside from their report feature. I have yet to run this, since my operation there is new, but I got in touch with customer service (had to test them too), and they explained it really well. Basically, I can pick what info I want to get about my sportsbook operation- day, week, month, players, and more. I just needed to select the options and it will automatically be generated. This is good because it gives you only the information you ask for, and you can get it anytime. 

Overall, this site runs well, does not lag, and has prompt and competent customer service. Their rates are also one of the best I have seen- $5 per player. Given the amount of available gaming options, this price is really, really worth it. I'd recommend this site to anyone who wants to put up their own sportsbook. 

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