Dr Bitter Veterinarian in Costa RicaAs a proud pet owner in Costa Rica who loves his dog and wants the best care possible for him, I search high and low to find a good veterinarian in Costa Rica.

After several months of searching, I found a great one with Dr Bitter who has two locations which includes one in Escazu which was perfect for me as I live less then 1km away from his office.

I own a medium size dog that is a mix between a beagle and some other breed that I adopted from Animal Shelter Costa Rica a few months ago and I wanted to get him(spooky) checked out along with a flea bath.

Lan Tien is a new asian restaurant in the downtown Moravia area that opened it's doors less then a month ago. 

I first saw this restaurant as I was visiting a friend in Moravia and thought that it had a clean and distinct look that appealed to my senses.

As my wife and I approached the door, a buzzer sounded to let us in and I must admit that the palce was impeccably clean with a nice modern asian decor.

Casino Club ColonialOct. 3, 2011 - If you are looking for a gambling experience in San Jose, Costa Rica the Casino Club Colonial might be the place for you.

This established Casino and hotel is one of the more known casino in Costa Rica that offers a sportsbook, lots of table games and all of the slot machines you can want.

I first discovered Casino Club Colonial on my first trip to Costa Rica where a friend suggested we go there to watch the NFL Monday Night Football.

Bachelor party in Costa Rica at Scarlett's Night ClubI first took notice of Scarlett’s night club on Costa Rica Ahorro as I was looking for a restaurant coupon in Costa Rica when I saw an ad about the grand re-opening of this strip club.

Even though I did not go to the re-opening party, I did inquire them about hosting a bachelor party in Costa Rica for one of my friend.

I sent an email to Scarlett’s and 2 hours later, I received a phone call from Gerard who is the general manager of the club.

I was first introduced to the Epifania Spanish Language school one year ago after moving to Costa Rica from Atlanta, GA. A friend of mine who is a student there told me that this school is great for people my age (41) who are trying to learn Spanish at their own pace.

I made an appointment the school and this is where I met the dean of the school, Wagner Freer.

Vista Linda ApartmentsI recently stayed in the Vista Linda Apartments on my last trip to Costa Rica because it was recommended to me by a friend who is a frequent visitor to Costa Rica.

The advantage of staying at these apartments is that you can stay there for a day at a time, a month at a time or a year at a time.

Restaurante la Lluna de ValenciaLast night I went to eat with my wife to this quaint restaurant in San Pedro de Bavaria, Heredia  called, La Lluna de Valencia. A know restaurant in Costa Rica which prides itself on providing a menu from the Valencian and Mediterranean region.