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Costa Rica vs. Canada Soccer PreviewToday at 7:30PM ET the Costa Rican National team will take on Canada in the FIFA Gold Cup Group A. Canada is looking to take the lead in Group A at the Compass Stadium in Houston. The Canadian National team which is ranked 109th in the world by FIFA is currently in the lead after defeating French Guiana 4-2.

In order for Canada to remain in the lead and out of the group stage, they would need a win or at the very least a draw against Costa Rica. If they were to incur a loss, they would have to defeat Honduras who had defeating them eight years ago during the quarter final stage.On the other hand the Costa Rican National team will be playing its best as all team members know that the Gold Cup tournament is a way to get the attention of professional soccer clubs.

The betting odds for the match are already set with Costa Rica as the favorite at -130, Canada at +373 and a draw at +231. According to several sportsbook software websites, Canada may be the underdog in this matchup but let’s not forget that they are the only nation other than the U.S. and Mexico to ever win the event.

The Costa Rican National team is currently ranked 19th in the World by FIFA and had reached the quarter finals during the 2014 World Cup. In addition, the Ticos have won the CONCACAF championship three times.

Most sports handicapping experts and bookie pay per head companies believe that Costa Rica will win the game or that the match will end in a draw if Canada plays a conservative game.

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