Blue Valley School

Street: Apartado 1784-1250
City: Escazu
Country: Costa Rica
Phone: 2215-2204
Fax: 2215-2205

Blue Valley Private School in Escazu

The Blue Valley School"s philosophy is based on three fundamental principles:

  1. Respect for the individual
  2. A quest for excellence
  3. Service to the students

Respect for the individual pervades all levels: students, teachers, and administrators. Students are addressed as individuals, not patronized as children. They are entitled to explanations and they are requested to listen and expose their viewpoints with respect. Individuals must respect themselves and act responsibly.

Educating students implies preparing them to live in a democracy. They must be ready to make decisions in this changing world and have a critical mind to take them wisely. Our students grow to have their own voice and we teach them to exercise it wisely.

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